RIM brings BlackBerry PlayBook 3G to the UK

In the highly competitive world of the 7-inch tablet, it seems that price is a significant factor if you want to make your mark. Unless it's the BlackBerry PlayBook 3G.

The latest 7-inch device to hit the UK is the latest incarnation of a tablet that has been around since 2011. Ok, it has been upgraded, but the new PlayBook is still likely to be a hard sell in a buyer's market. Especially at the money being asked by RIM.

The 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook 3G (the only model available) comes in at around £420. Let's put that into perspective. A 32GB Wi-Fi and data model of the 7-inch iPad mini is £449, just £29 more for a device that can offer 4G LTE connectivity if you want it. Compared to the 32GB Nexus 7, we're looking at around £200 more for the new Playbook. So good luck RIM, you might need it.

Obviously if you love the PlayBook and what it offers, it might be worth the cash to you. It also comes with an enhanced 1.5GHz processor, which is a nice bonus. But with so many 7-inch tablets around right now, we suspect the PlayBook might struggle to make inroads. At least, until the price is amended.

Source: Engadget

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