Nexus 7 tablet sales nearing one million per month

Google isn't giving much away, but Asus has been speaking about sales of the Google Nexus 7 tablet. It's pretty good news too.

Speaking at an earnings conference this week, Asus' Chief Financial Officer David Chang told The Wall Street Journal that figures are on the rise for the budget tablet: 'At the beginning, it was, for instance, 500K units a month, then maybe 600, 700K. This latest month, it was close to 1 million,' he said.

That's a significant total, but still some way off Apple's figures for its own iPad, which was 14 million iPads sold in third financial quarter. However, it is a great start for a tablet which has been much lower key in its advertising. If sales are rising month on month, it indicates that momentum, along with goodwill from current owners, are on its side. It bodes well for the festive season.

Google will undoubtedly provide competition with the iPad mini over that Christmas period, as will similar-sized tablets from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. But Google has more to offer itself in the form of a 32GB Nexus 7, as well as a 3G model if you want to pay a little more.

Add in the Samsung-made Nexus 10 and Google could start to prove itself as the first genuine rival to Apple in the tablet market, especially with the Nexus 7 considerably undercutting the iPad mini on price.

We'll find out during the next Asus sales call, no doubt.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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