APP WATCH: Google's Voice Search comes to iPhone and iPad

Back in August, word reached us that Google was sneaking in on Apple territory, bringing Voice Search to iOS devices. Fast forward a couple of months and Google has done just that, with an updated version of its Google Search app.

It isn't quite Siri, which is perhaps why Apple has allowed it through onto its devices. But it will be compared to Apple's own headline voice software and in time, it might well be a competitor. For now, we'll enjoy it for what it is, a rather cool way to search via Google.

It's described as 'fast and accurate voice recognition technology', with Google its software will understand exactly what you’re saying. Just tap the microphone icon, ask your question and you should get your answer. I got four out of five test voice searches through, which I think is a pretty decent return.

The results are either shown as searches or in context. So if you ask for pictures of something, that should be what you get. Likewise, if you want a movie trailer, the time in a foreign country or the cast of a TV show, those should all list too.

There's definitely a touch of the novelty about it and you might feel a little self-conscious on a packed bus of train using it for your searches. But Voice Search does have its appeal and you can see Google really taking this on over the coming months.

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