Google Play Music confirmed for Europe

In terms of mobile technology, this week is unquestionably Google's week, with a string of new launches covering both hardware and software. For us Brits, confirmation of Google Play Music to Europe is certainly one the biggies, especially with the Scan and Match option landing ahead of the US.

It launched in the US almost a year ago, but is now ready to go in Europe from 13 November. We could moan about the delay, but we're just happy that all that red tape has been dispensed with and we get to store all our music in the cloud for free.

Well, perhaps not all music for everyone, but with a limit of 20,000 tracks able to be stored online, that should cover most people's needs. All of those are scanned on your computer and matched in the cloud at up to 320Kbps quality, with playback via a web-connected mobile phone, tablet or if you happen to be stuck at a desk, a computer's web browser too.

You can, of course, buy music via Google and your phone too, with an option to share tunes on Google+. Friends are able to listen to a track once before deciding if they want to buy it as well.

That launch date ties in with the arrival of the new Nexus 4 handset. Hopefully, as we approach that date, Google will give us a hint at the cost of the music it is selling. We suspect 'competitive', but we'll find out for sure in a matter of days.

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