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Halloween is the best time of the year to prop yourself up in bed with your phone or tablet, turn out the lights, and scare the muck out of yourself with some truly terrifying games. Here's our pick of the best scary horror-type apps for your iPhone or Android device - just don't send us your laundry bill...


The Room (iOS, £2.99) 

The Room review

Although The Room isn’t strictly a horror game, this unique puzzler – which sees you breaking into an intricate box left to you by a relative – is worth a play on Halloween thanks to its haunting soundtrack and sinister atmosphere. Plus it’s simply bloody brilliant.


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The Walking Dead (iOS, £2.99 per episode)

Walking Dead review

Even if you’re suffering from zombie fatigue like us, The Walking Dead – an adventure game based on the popular comics/TV show – is a must-play for fans of the macabre. Unfurling more like an interactive drama than a game, you play as maybe-murderer Lee who is narrowly spared jail thanks to the arrival of a zombie apocalypse. Lee swiftly teams up with a number of other survivors, including a feisty young girl called Clementine, and the aim of the game is to work together to stay alive...


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The Nightjar (iOS, free)

The Nightjar is one of those unique horror games that doesn’t terrify you with horrific or gory images, mostly because there are no images – after all, it’s set in a pitch black, seemingly-deserted spaceship that’s about to self-destruct. Your mission is to stagger through the condemned vessel’s corridors using only your ears and escape before it goes boom.

You’re aided in your escape by a fellow crew mate, who guides you through the ship by whispering commands. Apart from his words of wisdom, you’re relying solely on miscellaneous beeps, whirrs and other noises to orientate yourself and get to the escape pods before the whole lot blows. But of course, it soon becomes apparent that you might not be entirely alone on this ship...

Featuring some top voice talent and incredibly tense, atmospheric gameplay, The Nightjar is a memorable horror experience that should be on everyone’s playlist this Halloween.


Forever Lost: Episode One HD (iOS, 69p)

Forever Lost review

This sinister adventure sees you creeping through an abandoned asylum, in a bid to escape its grimy interior. Some surreal puzzles and a very reasonable asking price make this a worthy and suitably creepy late-night Halloween title...


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Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove (iPad, £4.99)

This creepy hidden object adventure game sees you investigating the disappearance of four annoying American teenagers in a mysterious ghost town called Dire Grove. There are plenty of sinister broken-down environments to explore, from a dusty museum to ruined old cottages, all brooding with atmosphere despite the slightly cartoony graphics. You’ll uncover letters and videotapes as you progress, which gradually reveal the kids’ plight – the inclusion of full motion video is a neat touch, even if the four students are more irritating than a barrel full of Alan Carrs.

Hidden object fans will know what to expect. There are dozens of scenes packed with random objects, and you’re given a list of specific items you have to find. These treasure hunts hit just the right level of difficulty: challenging without ever being frustrating. The exploration and hidden object sections are also broken up with the occasional puzzle, be it finding a way of crossing an icy river or arranging tiles to complete a circuit.

We made it through the entire game without using the built-in hint system but it’s always there if you find yourself stumped, and a virtual diary updates as you progress in case you forget what you’re supposed to be doing. Overall, Dire Grove is an entertaining Halloween adventure suitable for any age.


Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombies (iOS, Android, £4.99)

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies review


This first person shooter spin-off sees you tackling hordes of undead nazi scum, with a huge arsenal of loud and mean weaponry. Don't expect Oscar-winning plots, but the non-stop action should keep shooter fans enticed 'til the bloody end.


Dead Space (iOS, Android, £4.99)

While we’re eagerly awaiting Isaac’s third console adventure into mind-curdling insanity, this iOS title – which neatly bridges the gap between the first and second Dead Space games – should just about keep our bloodlust sated. Playing almost identically to its bigger brother, Dead Space on your trusty phone/tablet sees poor old Isaac once again set upon by legions of mutilated gribblies. Using a familiar array of weaponry, as well as the fantastic kinesis and stasis powers, you have to battle your way through six levels of enemies without having your face torn off or your cajones used as stress balls.


Yesterday (iOS, £4.99)

Yesterday review

While it’s not strictly scary, this dark and twisted point n’ click adventure has a suitably macabre plot, involving satantic cults, torture and all manner of weirdness...


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