Jelly Bean update rolling out to HTC One X

At the start of the month, we heard it was 'coming soon', but now we're hearing that Jelly Bean is now hitting the HTC One X.

Even better, it is hitting European phones, according to the Android Central site, which has had word directly from HTC. Although as yet, the over the air (OTA) update doesn't seem to have landed on any phones. But if HTC says it is rolling out, we'll take its word on it and expect it to land in the next few days.

By all accounts, the updates are based on phone ID codes rather than geography, so the rollout might not follow a specific pattern. So if you have a SIM-free model, just sit back and wait for notification.

You'll also get the latest Sense 4+ interface as part of the deal. Not a massive step up, but there is an improved gallery app, access to the camera without having to unlock your phone and HTC Watch 2.0, which brings all your phone's media together. Not bad for nothing.

The one question still to be answered is just when the networks will have the latest OS ready to go. That really could be anytime, although we would hope it hits most of the networks before the year is out.

Source: Android Central

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