Amazon Kindle Fire HD finally hits the UK

Better late than never, Amazon has finally unleashed its Kindle tablets onto the UK market – both the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD.

With price on its side, you can grab the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD tablet for £159 for a 16GB model or opt for the cheaper Kindle Fire with a reduced specification for a reduced £129. You can find out all about both models here.

Everything is as we expected, with the exception of one thing. Amazon has announced that streaming movies and TV on the tablets will be handled by Lovefilm, which is of course owned by Amazon. The online movie rental company will be deeply integrated into the tablet, rather than being just another app.

So if you have Lovefilm, just enter your details and away you go. If you don't, you get a free trial for a month, which Amazon hopes will tempt you in for the long haul. The tablet will also allow you to set up and manage a 'watch list' on the tablet and using Whispersync you can start watching on a Kindle Fire, but carry on via another device if you like. Clever, although that is what Netflix offers on other tablets.

If you want to research your viewing, X-Ray for Movies uses IMDb to give you all the background on pretty much anything to have the hit the big or small screen. So no excuse for a duff rental.

If that impresses you, Amazon is waiting to take your order.

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