EE 4G data allowances in the firing line

If you watched BBC's Watchdog show last night, you know that EE is in the firing line about its pricing and data allowances for the newly-launched 4G service in the UK. The company is now fighting back.


Twitter Fury

First off, EE took to Twitter to say: 'We've had tons of comments over the last 24 hours, some would make our mothers blush. If you're worried about data…', throwing in an image which claimed that 'doing something on 4GEE won't use any more data than doing the same thing on 3G. There's just a lot less waiting'.

It added: 'A daily commute can be a long, stop start affair, but with 4GEE it's a luxurious direct line at 5x the speed. The same journey, the same distance, just a whole lot faster!'

The responses were not positive. Points were made that if you can access content at a faster rate, commuters will therefore be accessing more content – as surely you won't simply stop halfway through your journey after browsing your usual sites. Also, the whole point of 4G is to access things you normally couldn't with a 3G connection: data-intensive tasks like streaming movies and TV in high quality, or downloading music.

That's not good news if you have opted for the cheapest two-year contract, which costs £36 per month for just 500MB of data – and that's before you get to the price of your phone. You can buy more data if you run out, but at £3 for 50MB (or £6 for another 500MB), the costs could start to avalanche if you get into streaming media on the go. You can see all the prices here.


The defence rests, your honour

EE also spoke to the TechRadar site, defending a lack of unlimited data deals. Pippa Dunn, EE's consumer CMO, said that they didn't feel it was necessary to take the step as only ''super techies' want it, who would then abuse the network.

She said: 'You've got your super techie people… who would love nothing more than for us to have given unlimited data packages but for the vast majority of the 27 million who are our customers they don't need it.'

'If we'd had to price for allowing all of those techie users to be able to use as much data as they'd want your average consumer would really have suffered.'

She added that data use for average customers on an Orange £36 plan is less than 500MB per month and as such, unlimited 4G data isn't something your average customer needs.

Time will tell on just who is right. If those limits are being hit in days, the social networks will let us and EE know very quickly.

Sources: Twitter and TechRadar

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