Sony set to launch cloud service for Xperia devices

There is no shortage of cloud services already on the market, but it looks like Sony thinks the world needs another, one that is specific to Xperia phones.

That's what is being read from a recently-registered trademark for 'MyXperia'. According to the submission, the service will allow 'upload, storage, retrieval, download, transmission and delivery of digital content and media.' So that's nice and clear isn't it?

Well, it's more clear when you read that the service relates to 'mobile phones, smartphones, digital or electronic tablets, PDAs and/or portable and handheld digital electronic devices'.

Need more evidence? There's a website already available, going by the name, which forwards to, requesting you to sign in when you get there. You can't do that as yet, but when the service launches and you sign up, it should let you in.

It's likely that Sony will release the service with a new or upgraded phone. We wouldn't be surprised to see it land when the Jelly Bean update is finally pushed through. Sony has added its own services to Android updates before, so there is a strong possibility that it could do it again.

The missing details are really how the service will work and just how much free storage Sony will offer to Xperia owners. With many owners already taking advantage of services from the likes of Google and Dropbox, it will have to be reasonably substantial to pull in the punters.

As soon as the details are announced, you'll be the first to know.

Source: Engadget

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