Apple tests iOS 6.0.1

We got an upgraded iPad and an iPad mini last night, but we didn't get a bump in the operating system. That's likely to follow soon, with Apple already testing iOS 6.0.1.

At least, that is according to 'reliable Apple sources', who are claiming that an upgrade to the current platform is being put through its paces. Handily, those sources have also offered a breakdown of just what it will offer, which is mainly a bunch of tweaks and fixes of the last big step up.

iOS 6.0.1 will apparently fix the horizontal lines bug on the screen when the keyboard or app folder is open and will also fix a problem with the camera’s flash not going off as it should.

The update will also improve Wi-Fi support, fix mobile data not working in some cases, add a consolidated mobile data switch for iTunes Match, fix a bug that allowed access to Passbook pass details from the lock screen and also fix the bug that caused Exchange meetings to be unexpectedly cancelled for an entire calendar invite group.

So worthy fixes if you have those problems, but nothing the majority of us are likely to notice I suspect. The bigger changes are coming in a few months, when Apple ships iOS 6.1. That has just started testing and is likely to appear once we have Christmas out of the way.

Saying that, there's an outside chance that 6.1 could ship with the new iPad mini. Unlikely, but time will tell. Details of that to follow.

Source: BGR

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