App Review: Horn (iOS/Android)

If you’re after a game to show off the raw power of your Android/Apple phone or tablet, Horn’s a pretty damn good bet. This action adventure title rivals premium console games for production values and provides hours of exploration and monster-bashing enjoyment.

A huge chunk of the game involves exploring Horn’s world, a sweeping vista of forests, mountains, castles, ruins and rivers, while searching for a way to rid the land of a strange and horrific curse. You control the wee armoured protagonist by tapping on the screen to move around (no virtual thumbpads here) and performing small gestures to duck, jump, etc. It takes a little while to get used to and occasionally we found ourselves stuck on scenery, but for the most part this scheme works well.


Horn iOS Android game review


The landscapes are gorgeous, easily on par with some fully-fledged console games, and the story is revealed via animated cutscenes that really bring the game to life. Even better is the orchestral score, which starts off soul-strokingly serene as you jog through a meadow, before jolting you awake as an enemy attacks with sharp, anxious riffs.

Combat is handled in the same style as games such as Avengers Assemble, where you take on a single enemy at a time. However, rather than devolving into simple block-and-stab affairs, Horn has you seeking out your foe’s weak point while rolling around like a mad man, a la Zelda. Controls in these sections are simple. You can circle your enemy and jump around by tapping the on-screen icons, and slash by swiping your finger. Some of the beasties you fight are impressively huge and beautifully designed, although you’ll be too busy hacking chunks out of them to truly admire their looks.


Horn iOS Android game review


Save points are regular enough to make Horn a great adventure for the commute. We encountered a couple of bugs when playing the Android version, but nothing game-breaking thankfully. Horn is available through nVidia’s TegraZone app right now for a fiver, as well as Apple's App Store.

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