App Review: Algoriddim Djay (iOS)

The iPad is a truly versatile machine. Not only can you plug in a guitar and record yourself belting out Whitesnake classics, you can now pretend you’re DJ Tiesto while you’re sat on the bus thanks to Algoriddim’s excellent djay app for iPhone and iPad. This clever virtual decks gives you all the control you need to mix your very own set, and throws in some uber-smart automating if your DJ skills are more akin to Chris Moyles.

On the most basic level, djay is an excellent app for parties: simply import your music collection, turn on ‘automix’ and busy yourself with entertaining as the app does all the hard work for you. However, it’d be a shame not to dive into the professional tools and give them a spin (so to speak). Don’t worry if you’ve never fiddled with turntables before because djay really does take the pain out of mixing, making it fun to experiment and play around.


Algoriddim Djay iPad music app review


The set-up is as you’d expect, with two turntables for playing two different ‘records’ (any music file that’s sat on your iPad) at the same. We’re not exactly master mixers, but in minutes we’d figured out the controls and were busy massacring our old Underworld albums. You have a virtual crossfader for switching between the two tracks and can quickly and easily skip through songs using the positioning bars at the top. Your other main tool is the BPM bar for each record, which speeds up or slows down the tracks so you can blend them seamlessly. Again, don’t worry if you’re a noob, because there’s an auto-match tool for automatically syncing beats.

Djay allows you to record your sets, or output to speakers if you’re brave enough to perform live. There’s a host of other features buried away too, to suit every style – you can even get down to some old-school scratching by rubbing the virtual records. We’ve got no idea what a Flanger is, or indeed a Bit Crusher, but we’re sure that professional jockeys will love them very much.

Djay is available on the iOS App Store now, for £13.99 (iPad) or 69p (iPhone)

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