Upgraded iPad could be announced at Apple event

We did hear a rumour about a possible iPad upgrade a week or so ago, but now the rumours are gathering pace that Apple will show it off at its event next week.

Not quite a 'new' iPad and certainly not labelled as one, Apple will probably refer to this as a 'refresh' of its flagship tablet at the 23 October event. Sources close to Apple claim that the new iPad will retain the same price points as the current model, but will now add in the smaller Lightning connector (as seen in the iPhone 5), along with global LTE support and possibly an upgrade to the processor, battery and screen, although that's nearer speculation than fact.

Why the upgrade? Well, if Apple does bring out an iPad mini, it means its premium model isn't going to get overshadowed by the new kid in town. By launching an iPad mini, Apple runs the risk of losing sales on the higher-priced tablet. Perhaps not so much if that tablet is also new to the market.

Also, it means networks like EE in the UK can offer a 4G tablet, which will be the kind of device that will really sell the technology in the UK. An iPad with superfast browsing? We're definitely in!

It's unlikely to be the headline act, but it is a significant launch by Apple, as it bids to consolidate its position in the tablet market. We'll be on hand to report all the mobile launches by Apple, which are likely to be announced sometime early on Tuesday evening. One thing's for sure though - it's looking like an expensive last quarter for Apple fanboys.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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