Apple iOS 6 bug means big bills

The Guardian has reported iOS 6 users complaining of rocketing data use, which has them hitting their data allowance in mere hours. The cause is a bug affecting Apple iPhone 5 users (and other iPhone users who have upgraded to iOS 6), which has their mobile using a 3G connection even when it's hooked up to a Wi-Fi network.

Early speculation links the increased data usage – which has resulted in enormous phone bills for some frustrated users – to Apple's iCloud service, in particular the iTunes Match feature. Users who have iTunes Match set to use Wi-Fi connections only have still found that their phone is using 3G to download songs. However, even users who have disabled iTunes Match have discovered that other iCloud synchronisation features have been sapping their data allowance.

We're not currently huge fans of iOS 6 thanks to a number of other bugs and issues, but this appears to be one of the more serious flaws we've heard of. Apple are yet to reveal the source of the issue or fix the problem, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear anything.

Source: The Guardian

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