Best iPad tablet covers

iPad owners have more than a little choice when it comes to covers for their precious tablet. We’ve reviewed dozens of the things, and here are some of our favourites, plus who they’re best suited for...


Maroo Awanui (, £50 from Amazon) – good for movie lovers

Best iPad cover cases

This iPad 2/new iPad case adds some serious heft and bulk to your iPad, but also protects the edges, screen and back from damage thanks to a resilient build. Closing the case up automatically puts the iPad to sleep (thanks to clever built-in magnets), while opening it up wakes it again. You can prop the iPad up either for typing or for watching a film, and handy holes give you access to the camera and buttons without having to remove the device.


Booqpad (, £55) – good for scribblers and artists

Best iPad cover cases

Got an iPad but envious of Galaxy Note owners, with their jazzy stylus for scribbling down notes and crafting masterpieces? Well, the Booqpad could well be a solution. This iPad case comes with a replaceable A5 pad and a space to slot a pen, so you can jot down notes while messing around on your tablet. It’s nowhere near as cool as scribbling on the tablet itself, but for people who still love pen and paper, it does the job.


Toffee Slim Folio (, £69) – good for the style conscious

Best iPad cover cases

This slender genuine leather case for the new iPad is impressively solid considering its thin build, providing full protection to every part of your iPad. We love the red finish and minimal branding, while the built-in magnets will turn your tablet on and off when you open and close the cover. It even converts into a stand for watching movies. If you want to protect your iPad on the move but look sophisticated doing it, the Toffee Slim Folio is an excellent choice.


Lifeproof nuud (, £96) – good for beach and bath lovers

Best iPad cover cases

This waterproof case for the iPad 2 and new iPad is the ideal solution for anyone who can’t bear to be parted from their tablet, even on the beach or in the bath. Closing up the case once your iPad’s inside is a little fiddly, but it does what you’d expect and keep water from infiltrating and killing your precious tablet. You still have access to the volume and power controls, and even the headphone socket thanks to the special adapter.


Freedom i-Connex Combo (, £80) – good for emailers

Best iPad cover cases

If you’re constantly bashing out emails, the i-Connex Combi will instantly appeal thanks to its built-in keyboard. The board itself fits into a slot on the back of the case for easy storage (although we did find it can easily fall out if you’re not holding it carefully). It connects quickly and easily to your iPad using Bluetooth and gives you roughly 100 hours of use from a single charge (USB cable included for charging). Combined with the excellent folding lid, which props the iPad up for a comfortable typing experience.


LA Robe Allure (, £25) – good for people who don’t want a standard case

Best iPad cover cases

This slip case doesn’t cling to your iPad as you use it, unlike most other cases here. Instead it acts as a protective jacket: simply unzip it and slide your precious tablet inside, then pull it out again when you want to use it. The Low Resilience Polyurethane material is stiff but soft to the touch, while the padded insides help to protect your iPad from bumps. Because it’s a slip case, this will fit any iPad and also most other tablets under ten inches.

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