Microsoft Surface tablet priced for UK

We got a shelf date as far back as July, but Microsoft has been slightly less forthcoming on a price for the Windows 8 Surface RT tablet. Thankfully, the company has now chosen to bring this particular drama to an end.

The Microsoft Surface RT, which is the first of the Surface tablets to be launched, will sell from £399 from 26 October. That's the worldwide launch date though, we're not sure as yet whether stock will be available in the UK on that day. We're hopeful though as pre-orders are being taken right now. Microsoft's online store says: 'Your order will ship by October 26 and arrive by October 30.'

The price point is in the same area as the cheapest iPad, or at least it is until the iPad Mini launches. We're surprised that Microsoft didn't try to undercut Apple to encourage consumers to take a chance on a new device, but note that you get twice as much storage with the 32GB Surface, which has got to appeal. There is a 64GB Surface too, which will sell for £559, including a black Touch Cover, which usually sells for £99. If you prefer, you can opt for the Type Cover for a little more at £109.99. As you might have guessed, both add a keyboard to the mix, turning your tablet into something more akin to an old school laptop.

The RT model is the entry-level tablet with an ARM processor and a 10.6-inch HD screen. There is a Pro model in the works too, but that's likely to land in the new year and for considerably more cash. If you prefer the more modest offering, pre-orders are now open at the Microsoft Store.

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