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Everyone loves Bejewelled, right? We love it too, but sometimes we wish we could swap the sparkly gems for a screen full of chirping bird faces instead. And that’s where Piyo Blocks 2 comes in.

Piyo Blocks 2 is a mental Japanese-influenced refresh of Bejewelled that brings in a jazzy bright interface and some excellent new game modes, to win back anyone who’s bored of the franchise. As usual, you have to match up rows of three or more gems (or in this case birdies) to capture them, but each mode offers a twist.

‘Piyo’ is the standard game mode, which has you capturing a set number of each bird colour to progress to the next level, while ‘Hyaku’ has you capturing 99 of any type to progress. Both modes are timed to keep you on your toes, with the timer increasing with every capture.

‘Time Attack’ ramps up the tension further, giving you just one, two or four minutes to get as high a score as possible. Stress levels hit stratospherical heights with the ‘Three Second’ mode, which as suggested gives you just three measly seconds to find a match before it’s game over. Thank heavens for the time-free ‘Endless’ game, which allows you to recuperate and match up birds at your leisure.


Piyo Blocks 2 for iOS and Android review


The only game we didn’t get along with was ‘Disco’, which annoyingly changes the colour of the birds every few seconds – usually just as we were ready to unleash a killer combo. Still, one irritating mode out of six is good going, and we’d happily waste many an hour with the others, which all hit that 'just one more go' level of addictiveness.

The birds are nicely animated, blinking and tweeting as you poke and drag them, while power-ups such as exploding watermelons – earned by bagging those beefy combos – can have you clearing a screen in seconds. Add in a hi-score table and plenty of achievements and you’ll be playing Piyo Blocks 2 until Christmas 2013.


Piyo Blocks 2 is available now on iOS for £1.49, reduced to 69p in a temporary sale, so snap it up while you can! Android owners can download it from the Google Play store from 18 October

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