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Not long after Apple's iPad Mini launch date was leaked, we've had a glimpse of possible price bands for the new dinky tab. It happens to be a leak in Euros, so conversion and tax could intervene before we have a genuine bottom line, but a screenshot of a store inventory system gives us a clear indication of how much the iPad Mini will set you back.

If the screenshot is correct, the entry level iPad Mini will be available from €249, which works out at around £200. That's the 8GB Wi-Fi version in either black or white.

It had been hoped that Apple's miniature tablet would compete with the Google Nexus 7 on price, although that was more in hope than expectation. The reality is a tablet pitched at a slightly higher level than that. Yes, even when it comes to budget, Apple is still hoping its name is worthy of a few extra quid.


Price bands

iPad Mini prices steadily rise depending on the model you want, but you can basically add on €100 for every step-up in memory amount (16GB, 32GB and 64GB), and another €100 to get 3G support too.

That means the 16GB Wi-Fi version and 8GB Wi-Fi and 3G version both cost €349. It'll cost you €449 for 32GB Wi-Fi / 16GB 3G, €549 for the 64GB Wi-Fi / 32GB 3G, and finally, €649 if you want the premium 64GB 3G model. Simple, right? No? Well, here's a table then:







Wi-Fi only





Wi-Fi + 3G





The 3G/mobile data version is interesting as early speculation pointed to the iPad Mini being Wi-Fi only, to keep the price down.

All the details and the official pricing for the UK should be revealed on 23 October, which is when we expect the official Apple launch.

Source: Schimanke.com

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