Alleged photos of Sony Nexus X appear online

We wouldn't be surprised to see a Google phone made by Sony. Back in August, a document emerged claiming to be a roadmap of Nexus phones, which included an LG Nexus (now pretty much certain) and a Sony Nexus handset. With the first of those due soon, all eyes are now on Sony.

Speculation has heightened regarding Sony with what appears to be leaked snaps of a Sony-made Nexus. But there's just one problem. It isn't clear whether the shots are real or fake!

At first glance, everything looks right on the phone dubbed the Sony Nexus X. The photos were apparently uploaded over the weekend and taken on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone, showing a Sony Android phone without the Xperia branding. Instead, we get the Google logo on the back of the phone and a connector more in tune with Nexus phones than the Xperia line.

So we're taking legit then? Perhaps not. The photos are a little obvious, sitting in a public file marked 'Sony Nexus X'. The Google and Sony logos don't look right either, the Google one look to be have been dropped onto the phone later and the Sony logo doesn't look straight. Little details, but the kind of detail that would be right if this was an official phone.

See the other shot (front facing) here and make up your own mind. It could be an early prototype, it could be fake. A Sony Nexus is likely, we're just not sure if this is it.

Source: Pocket Now

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