App Review: Forever Lost Episode One HD

We’ve crept through more than our fair share of creepy run-down asylums in our time, thanks to adventure games. However, Forever Lost: Episode One now gives us the chance to stalk through grimy corridors on our iPad, at the same time working out A) how we got there and B) how to get the hell out as fast as possible. You navigate around and interact with the environment by prodding the screen, collecting items and solving puzzles as you go.

Forever Lost offers up a good variety of puzzles, most of which are challenging without tipping over into frustrating. There’s a built-in hint system if you do get stuck, but it’s generally obvious what needs to be done, even if some of the puzzles are slightly surreal (for instance, donning a pair of spooky specs to find hidden hieroglyphs). Graphics are crisp although some areas are a little sparse and we’d like to see more animation and maybe some voice work in future episodes. Still, the four-five hour adventure is more than worth the measly 69p asking price and we’re looking forward to venturing once more into sinister loony bins...

Forever Lost: Episode One HD is available now on iOS (iPhone and iPad) for just 69p

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