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Base Jumper is the kind of game that demands ultra-fast reactions, as well as an awful lot of patience. The nameless hero is an adrenalin junkie who gets his kicks leaping from insanely high skyscrapers, much to the chagrin of the local police force. Your objective is to make it to the bottom of each stage intact, deploying your ‘chute and landing in a van before you splatter all over the concrete. But completing each jump is much tougher than it sounds, thanks to the lethal array of obstacles that stand in your path.

Control is as simple as it comes: just tap the left or the right side of the screen to float in that direction, and double-tap to do a quick roll. Things start simply enough, with just a few cranes standing in the way of a perfect jump. However, Base Jumper’s difficulty shoots into the stratosphere once the cops start deploying mechanical net and water shooters and electric forcefields – these guys really, really don’t like base jumpers. You have four episodes to complete, each comprising seven levels, and if you’re as slow-witted as us it’ll take you around an hour to complete each set.


Base Jumper for iPhone and Android


Variety in the levels is strong enough to keep things fresh, with new, more deadly obstacles regularly unleashed. Each episode also ends with a boss fight of sorts, where you have to dodge an insane number of projectiles to make it to the bottom intact. We can’t deny that Base Jumper’s a damn addictive game, even at its most teeth-gnashingly difficult: after countless ignominious deaths, we still found ourselves going back for more, especially to mop up all of the achievements. We also love the stark, simple cartoon graphics and constantly-repeating theme tune.


Available now: [iOS 69p, Android 83p]

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