32GB Nexus 7 tablet accidentally ships

Neither Google or Asus has confirmed its existence, but a 32GB Nexus 7 tablet seems to have shipped accidentally to one very lucky customer.

Is he the only one? Who knows, but he is the only one who has so far come forward. The recipient ordered a 16GB via the Google Play store, which landed not too long after. During a close examination, the customer found that there was 26GB of free space listed in the settings, which pretty much gave the game away.

It could be a hoax, but with so many rumours about the large capacity tablet's existence, there's every chance that someone just packed the wrong model into the box. That does also hint at other models being out there too. No doubt word will filter through eventually.

Some retailers have listed the 32GB as a 'coming soon' product and the tablet has also been spotted on the Carphone Warehouse database recently too. One retailer threw in a shipping date of 24 October, which might be guesswork, but is probably a good date to work to if you want more space on your 7-inch tablet.

Everything else looks to be the same, so check out our review to see if it's the tablet for you. A 32GB model is also confirmed for the Kindle Fire HD, should you prefer to go down the Amazon route.

Source: SlashGear

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