Sony Xperia Tablet S pulled from sale

It only went on sale in September, but just a matter of weeks later, the Sony Xperia Tablet S has been pulled from sale. The reason? It's not as keen on water as the pre-publicity suggested.

The tablet is supposed to be splash-proof. Not waterproof, but able to withstand the odd accidental splash by the pool or in the home. Whether the problem with this claim was discovered by the pool in Majorca or in a Sony lab isn't clear, but the bottom line is that Sony is taking action – immediate action too.

In a statement, the company said the tablet 'may not meet the stated splash-proof specification', which is down to 'a minor space between the display panel and the back of the product'. Not all models are affected, you just need to look out for models SGPT121**, SGPT122** and SGPT123**, which might have the fault, but don't pose a threat to safety.

After that, it's not really clear what you do. Sony is said to be working on a 'voluntary free inspection programme' for affected models and if the problem is found, it will be sorted at no cost.

But for now, you are just advised to keep an eye on the Sony support page to find out just how you do that.

In the meantime, do like most other tablet owners do and keep your device away from water. Although we suspect you probably already do that.

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