Street View added to Google Maps for iOS

You might recall Apple's Tim Cook apologising for the current version of Apple's own Maps software on the iOS 6 platform just recently. In that apology, he recommended you go elsewhere for your mapping while Apple sorts it out. Google was obviously listening in.

No, it hasn't released the standalone Google Maps app for iOS 6, although that's still a strong possibility, but it has added Street View to the mobile version of Google Maps. This is significant if you have an iPhone or iPad, as it makes replacing Google with Apple a little more tempting.

You see, it's possible to create a web app on your Apple device for your favourite web content, including Google Maps. Now Street View via your iOS device means you can create your own self-contained Google app until Apple gets round to upgrading the in-house solution. Just search for a location and you'll see the icon for Street View in the bottom right-hand corner. Use it and you'll get 'real' imagery.

Ok, it's not quite the whizzy app we're hoping for, but it's a pretty decent alternative until Apple or Google ups the ante on the app front. We have no idea how long that will take, but creating that web app should only take a matter of seconds.

Source: Engadget

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