Phone of the Year: Mobile Choice Awards 2012

Our ultimate award - Phone of the Year 2012 - goes to the year's very best smartphone that rocked both your world and ours with its butter-smooth performance, easy-to-use interface and innovative smart tech. There can be only one...


Winner: Samsung Galaxy S III


Best mobile phone 2012 award


There was little dissent among the judges – the winner was clearly the Android Ice Cream Sandwich-toting Galaxy S III, with its quad-core processor and tricked-out OS, plus tons of efficient, quirky and downright fun additions to straight-up Android. It’s the second year running that a Galaxy handset has faced down an Apple iPhone in the top two for this Award, and as our panel said, Apple’s iOS has missed a trick by not including the live information that makes the Galaxy’s homescreen so compelling. This year, more readers than ever loved the winner, with 44% of our 26,500 turn-out voting it into first place. The Samsung Galaxy S III is cutting-edge – and an incredibly timely superphone of 2012.


Runner Up: Apple iPhone 4S


Best mobile phone 2012 award

Android phones may trump the shortlist, but the iPhone 4S with its sleek, slick iOS 5 and incredible camera is an undeniably attractive all-rounder. Built-in backup and syncing with iCloud helped it steal second place but in a year of increasingly tech-savvy consumers, Android is on fire and the iPhone 4S didn’t offer quite as much to blow our judges away.




Best mobile phone 2012 award

With HTC’s excellent Sense interface this capable Android is as smooth as we’ve come to expect from HTC, while its lowlight-friendly eight-megapixel camera ensured it scores it highly. 25GB of free Dropbox is tops, but it didn’t quite offer a full cloud package like our numbers one and two.


Sony Xperia S


Best mobile phone 2012 award

Built for media, the high-def, vibrant Xperia S sports an exceptionally individual interface on an Android Gingerbread OS, with a look and feel that’s distinctly Sony. Like the One X though, this impressive superphone didn’t quite manage the same next-level feature set as our winner.


Nokia Lumia 800

Best mobile phone 2012 award

Nokia wasn’t the first to launch a Windows Phone, but there’s no other handset whose sleek silhouette matches the streamlined OS quite as much. With deeply integrated social features and a minimalist style, the Lumia 800 lost out for its average camera and lack of upgradability.


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