Best Network: Mobile Choice Awards 2012

We asked consumers to rate their network on its coverage for voice and data, and after running the thousands of answers through our algorithm, one network emerged with an overwhelming majority of highly satisfied customers


WINNER: Vodafone


Best UK Mobile Phone Network Provider


It’s a superphone world and we need our data. Voda delivered this year with £1.5m spent every day to increase its 3G coverage and offer rural areas as comprehensive a service as cities where it’s traditionally ruled its roosts. The internet is the heart of any smartphone, and Voda’s Data Test Drive for new and upgrading customers lets you use as much data as you want to figure out your best new plan. In 2013, Vodafone will begin offering 4G internet and we’re expecting the best as our Best Network for the second year running enters the new era of mobile.



Runner Up: O2


Best UK Mobile Phone Network Provider


With £1.5m invested per day in its networks, O2 is offering its customers a network service that 65% ranked excellent or very good. In June, it partnered with Voda to create one giant national grid with two competing networks and the aim to deliver 4G faster.


Also Nominated




The UK’s smallest operator is a fleet of foot 3G network and the first to offer truly unlimited data. Though its customers were more erratic in their satisfaction with its service, Three already has the ability to deliver 4G internet – and its carefully curated range of superphones will be more than up to the job.




As part of the Everything Everywhere juggernaut, T-Mobile along with Orange and the new EE are the first to launch 4G phones. But it won its place here for plain old 2G and 3G service, consistently delivered at value-oriented prices, and rated as very good or excellent by 64% of its customers.


Tesco Mobile


Sharing O2’s network has paid off – the little network-slash-supermarket that could has made its way onto our network shortlists for a few years running as 65% of its small customer base rates it very good or excellent for coverage. 

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