Best Media Smartphone: Mobile Choice Awards 2012

The average UK commute is now longer than Jimmy Hill’s chin, so it’s no surprise that trains are packed with people enjoying the latest TV shows and movies on their mobile. Smartphone screens are now so sharp that you can count Tom Cruise’s nasal hairs, while even mid-range mobiles can happily play an HD movie. These phones are – in our ever-humble opinion - the best for enjoying your movies and games on the go.


Winner: Samsung Galaxy S III


Best Media Mobile Phone 2012

Between the quad-core performance, the brilliantly bright 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen and the excellent range of media features, the Galaxy S III is an otherworldly media beast. Streaming HD video is a joy on par with holding your firstborn child, while the Pop-Up Play feature (which allows you to watch a movie in a window while you get on with a spot of web browsing) is so genius we’re surprised no one’s thought of it before. If you need a pocket media machine for keeping you blissfully entertained on your travels, the Galaxy S III will be your bestest bud.


Runner Up: HTC One X


Best Media Mobile Phone 2012

Another big-screen machine, the One X rocks a formidable 4.7-inch LCD2 display. Movies, photos and everything inbetween look incredibly life-like thanks to the sharp 1280x720 pixel resolution, with vibrant colour reproduction and wide viewing angles. A quad-core processor blazes through all of your games and media, and the responsive touchscreen is a great way to browse the interwebs. Impressive stuff all round.


Samsung Galaxy Note


Best Media Mobile Phone 2012

If you’re looking for a big screen to enjoy movies on the move, you can’t get any bigger than a Galaxy Note – unless you carry a tablet in your pants. Bright, punchy and colour-rich, that 5.4-inch display is a marvel when it comes to video and photos, and an excellent web browsing portal. Add in the pressure-sensitive stylus and you can even craft your own masterpieces on the move.


Sony Xperia S


Best Media Mobile Phone 2012

That crisp 4.3-inch screen blew us away the first time we watched a Full HD movie, thanks to its supremely crisp resolution and accurate colour reproduction. The Xperia S is not only good for films, however: the dual-core processor means you can blast through the latest games, and it’s an excellent little internet surfer too.


Apple iPhone 4S


Best Media Mobile Phone 2012


Apple’s iPhone might not boast the same spacious display as its rivals, but the dense resolution and colourful images make it a solid device for consuming your movies, photos and more. The App Store has a strong selection of media apps, from photo editors to music creators, which rivals such as Google Play are still struggling to keep up with. Providing you can navigate the iTunes minefield, you should never run out of movies, music, podcasts or games to keep you entertained.


LG Optimus 4X HD


Best Media Mobile Phone 2012


As one of the first big quad-core phones announced at the end of last year, we had high hopes that the LG Optimus 4X would be a mind-blowing media machine, perfect for gaming or enjoying movies on the move. It certainly didn’t disappoint. The bright, crisp 4.7-inch screen is perfect for video and browsing the web, while the quad-core processor handles the most complex 3D titles with ease. It may not be the best all-round phone, but it’s certainly a media-centric master.


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