Best High Street Network Retailer: Mobile Choice Awards 2012

Although online smartphone purchases are rapidly growing, a huge number of you still hit the high street when you’re searching for your perfect portable pal. In fact, it’s a 50:50 split according to our nationwide survey, with half of you preferring that face-to-face contact. The following retailers are the best in the nation, as voted for by our UK readers. They offer a massive range of phones, as well as a competitive selection of deals and tariffs to suit all needs, all served up with minimal fuss.


Winner: Three


Best High Street Network


A worthy winner in this fiercely contested category, Three has had a fantastic year and continues to impress the UK public with its legion of high street stores. Unless you live on a craggy plain in the middle of the Orkney Islands, chances are you’ll have one of their stores within spitting distance of your home, and the helpful evening and weekend opening hours mean you won’t be rushing from work before the shutters slam down. Offering some of the best mobile broadband deals around, chances are you’ll find your perfect tariff thanks to the extensive range of easy-to-understand price plans.


What you said

My sales people I dealt with at Three were really friendly and got me a great deal, I’d certainly go back there in the future.

Dick, 29, Leeds


Runner Up: Carphone Warehouse

Best High Street Network

Carphone Warehouse is the UK’s biggest mobile retailer, with one in eight of respondents being a current customer. Its enormous network of stores is spread across high streets all over the nation and always well-stocked with the latest and greatest handsets, as well as a solid range of accessories. “Carphone Warehouse is the only retailer to offer tariffs across all of the major networks,” adds Graham Stapleton, Chief Operations Officer, “helping us to guarantee that we find the right fit for all our customers.”


What you said

I bought my phone at Carphone Warehouse and the staff were incredibly helpful. They knew their stuff and I got great customer service.

Jamie, 28, Edinburgh


Also Shortlisted

Phones 4U

Following its victory as Best High Street Retailer in this year’s Mobile Industry Awards, Phones 4U has been voted into the finalists of the Mobile Choice Awards by its fans. Boasting an impressive range of exclusive offers on some of the hottest new smartphones, plus a comprehensive range of deals from across the networks, it’s easy to see why.



Another hugely popular high street retailer, Vodafone once again gathered thousands of votes from its loyal fanbase, making it a worthy finalist. Boasting a great range of competitive price plans on the latest handsets, plus a full selection of essential accessories, you’ll find exactly what you need in-store.



Another strong showing from O2, an ever-presence on the high street with its army of well-designed and well-stocked stores. Competitive deals and some exclusive handsets won it a thumbs-up from many Mobile Choice voters.

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