Best Smartphone Design: Mobile Choice Awards 2012

Smooth curves, slim builds and glossy finishes. This year has seen some serious leaps in design technology, with many of the hottest smartphones sporting truly gorgeous bodies. If you’re after ultra-desirable tech that’ll have heads turning on your daily commute, these are the smartphones we can't get enough of...


Winner: Nokia Lumia 800

Best Smartphone Design 2012

For its polycarbonate unibody, edge to edge deep black screen and uniquely sloped, ergonomic chassis, the flagship Windows Phone from Microsoft’s and Nokia’s alliance led the style stakes. Its premium plastic bod is painted layer by layer all the way through so scuffs don’t show – and it’s as easy on the eye as it is in the hand. 


Runner Up: Sony Xperia U

Best Smartphone Design 2012

This slinky media phone came in close for innovation when it came to visuals. Its distinctive squared body has an LED strip that glows different colours depending on photos or album art of music playing, while Sony’s trademark HD graphics displays movies in vibrant high-res.


BlackBerry Porsche P’9981


Best Smartphone Design 2012

The retro industrial design of the most unique BlackBerry around does come at a price - £1,250 to be exact – but we loved its stainless steel keys and sharp engineering, all based on Porsche styling and materials.




Best Smartphone Design 2012

The sleek, slim One S sports an ergonomic slate form with a flat glass front and matte-feel chassis made sturdy and smooth by NASA technology known as micro-arc oxidation. If it’s good enough for space travel...


Motorola RAZR Maxx

Best Smartphone Design 2012

One of the best ever constructions from Motorola, the Razr Maxx bulked up a touch from the hyper skinny Razr to include the biggest battery on any smartphone – yet still maintained a slender 9mm profile with a gorgeously tactile back cover.


And don't forget these gorgeous smartphones...

In years gone by, high fashion and consumer technology have met more than once. Here’s a glance at phones that bore a catwalk designer’s stamp of style.


Prada Phone by LG

The third collaboration between the two, Prada Phone is a pretty and powerful Android Gingerbread phone, its interface tooled up in minimalist Prada black.


Alcatel Miss Sixty

This compact-shaped (of course) phone is also shiny like something you could powder your nose in, and sports a cute, comfortable number pad.


Armani Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung and Armani have met on a smartphone before, but this rebranded Galaxy S is the newest – though the rebranding is really all that’s new, with an Armani logo plastered across the front. 

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