Sony rolls out PlayStation Mobile

Sony has finally unleashed its PlayStation Mobile platform on PlayStation Certified smartphones and other devices, but it's not quite running to plan so far.

Although for many of you, it possibly is. Basically, if you have a PS Certified mobile phone made by Sony, which is the majority of recent Xperia launches and of course, the Xperia Play, you should be good to go. In fact, if you have the Sony Tablet S and Tablet P, you can also join in the fun.

But there are problems with the other big partner, HTC. Compatibility was planned from day one, but after various customer complaints, Sony has issued a statement, saying: 'HTC mobile device owners cannot access PlayStation Mobile for the moment. However, we are working with HTC to ensure PlayStation Mobile launches as soon as possible. We will update you soon.'

So stick with it, hopefully it's just teething troubles.

Check here for installation instructions for your device. Once in, you can buy smaller apps and games for your phone, produced by both Sony and third-party developers, selling from just 40p, depending on what you go for. Once you've paid for your game, it can be used on up to three different devices.

Give it a go if you love your gaming. That's if you can install it right now, obviously. Asus device owners, your time is coming too, probably before the end of the year, although some owners of the Nexus 7 tablet do seem to have had some success at installing.

Source: Engadget

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