HTC One X+ hands-on preview

HTC gave us a sneak peek at its freshly-baked HTC One X+ last week, the updated version of its popular One X flagship phone. In its own words, HTC has ‘taken the best One phone and made it even better’, with more power, more storage space, a bigger battery and an upgraded front-facing lens.


HTC One X+ Plus hands on preview


At first glance, the One X+ looks very similar to the black One X, with the same 4.7-inch screen, slim soft-touch body and jutting rear camera lens. However, the red rim around the lens and the red touch buttons beneath the screen give the game away. The One X+ will ship only in black, although don’t rule out other colours in the future.


HTC One X+ Plus hands on preview


The original 1.5GHz quad-core processor has been boosted to a 1.7GHz, giving even faster performance when loading apps, while the mighty 64GB of internal storage (partnered with 25GB of cloud storage through DropBox) means you can carry hundreds of apps and movies around – perfect for those long trips. The battery has also been tweaked, and the bigger 2100mAh cell should hopefully give us even better life compared to the original’s 24 hours of moderate use.


HTC One X+ Plus hands on preview

Happy Snapper

While the One X+’s 8-megapixel rear camera is no different to the One X’s, the front-facer has been boosted to a 1.6-megapixel lens to capture great portrait shots. We had a play and love the new two-second timer feature, which gives you a brief pause between pushing the button and the shot being taken so you can compose yourself.


HTC One X+ Plus hands on previewThat two-second countdown in action


Your photo gallery can be sorted according to date, location and more, so you won’t have any trouble finding your favourite snaps. You can even see your social media photos from sites such as Facebook. Gamers should be happy to hear that the One X+ is PlayStation certified, so you can download the PS app and the full selection of retro and arcade games.


HTC One X+ Plus hands on preview


It’s not just your photos that are clustered together: all of your media (movies as well as songs) will also be grouped in the nifty Watch 2.0 app, which merges your phone’s stored content with audio and video from the likes of Spotify and YouTube. No more opening dozens of different apps to get to all of your content. This is all part of HTC Sense 4.0+ (running on top of Android Jellybean), which looks as slick as ever and has restored the rotating carousel desktops (so flicking past your right-most desktop takes you straight back to the left side).


HTC One X+ Plus hands on preview


The only other notable change is with Beats, a staple of every major HTC phone for some time. While the underlying technology remains the same, HTC has added an amplifier to the One X+’s built-in speakers, for greater clarity and improved bass.

While the HTC One X+ won’t support 4G on its release in mid-October, HTC is expecting a 4G version to come out soon after the 4G networks become available. HTC also told us to expect an Android Jelly Bean update for the existing One X and One S between mid-October and the end of the year, as well as a cheaper 16GB model of the One X+. Prices to be announced, but check back real soon for our full review and comparison with the One X!

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