Video reveals upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones

Having mentioned a possible BlackBerry 10 launch for January 2013, the hardware has been spotted well in advance of that date.

The touch-screen (L-Series) isn't a million miles from the developer phone we've seen doing the rounds quite a lot recently, but the QWERTY model (N-Series) is a first glimpse.

The images come from a leaked internal marketing video, which appeared online last night, but has since been removed. Thankfully for us, it's a much tougher job removing all the screengrabs from that video, like the one above, for example.

Is it real? Well yes, it does look to be real. It seems like the man who created the video for the company accidentally posted it on the Vimeo video sharing site. Someone is likely to be very unpopular at RIM right now. Or not - I'm never quite sure if these links boost the anticipation of new hardware ahead of launch. It is certainly getting the BlackBerry name some column inches.

No details were given alongside the images, so we're just left with what the company has given us about the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform. We would expect more leaks with technical data to surface well ahead of that (rumoured) January launch. But in the meantime, just enjoy those stylish BlackBerry handsets in all their glory, the first generation of the all-new BlackBerry.

Source: Crackberry

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