Asus said to be planning £60 Google tablet

It's a rumour right now, but if true Google could be about to dominate the budget tablet market with a super cheap model.

The story comes from the far east industry news site Digitimes, which claims Google and Asus are considering launching two new Nexus 7 tablets, one of which is an update of the current tablet, described as a '$199 upgraded model', but more interestingly, throwing in a $99 entry-level model too.

$99 works out at about £60 if you do a rough currency conversion. If that comes to fruition, it will be hard for the likes of Barnes & Noble, Amazon and (possibly) Apple to compete with their respective tablets, at least on a price level.

Details are, of course, scarce, although the site adds that the updated Nexus 7 will be 'ultra-thin', possibly with an updated operating system too, if it's a Google launch.

How Asus and Google will manage to work a tablet into the £60 price bracket isn't clear at all, but it will still need to serve a purpose if it wants to sell. Perhaps adding in some advertising? Who knows. We should find out as we enter 2013. Asus is already talking about selling over five million Nexus 7 tablets during that year, so it obviously has big plans for the device.

Source: Digitimes

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