BlackBerry 10 could launch in January 2013

It must be hard delivering a keynote on a high-profile product. You are trying to drum up enthusiasm, get the world on your side, but at the same time, you are conscious that your every word is being analysed for a potential hidden meaning.

Which is what has just happened at the BlackBerry Jam developer conference. Alec Saunders, vice-president of developer relations for Research In Motion, mentioned that developers who got their apps in for 'launch' would receive a limited edition BlackBerry 10 device. That 'launch' date was down as 21 January 2013.

RIM swiftly denied this was an official launch date, but did leave the door open for a launch of new hardware. A leaked roadmap some months back indicated that RIM was looking at a European launch early in January 2013, so it wouldn't be a million miles away from that.

That's when we expect the first two handsets, said to be a touch-screen and a QWERTY device, initially leaking as the L-Series and N-Series. The touch-screen is likely to look very much like their developer phone pictured here.

RIM has been demonstrating new features of its BB10 operating system this week, including the BlackBerry Hub, which offers access to email and social network updates with a swipe of the finger. Also on show was an enhanced BlackBerry App World and the option to split work and personal lives.

All of which should, we hope, be available for a hands-on in a few short months. We'll then know for sure if the BlackBerry is back as a contender.

Sources: Pocket Lint and Engadget

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