Samsung rumoured to be working on mobile browser

According to reports out of Korea, Samsung could be working on its own mobile browser – although it's likely to be underpinned with the same technology as the Safari and Chrome mobile browsers.

The report comes from the Electronic Times, which claims Samsung is looking to replace the browsers on its smartphones with an in-house solution that uses WebKit technology.

WebKit is an open-source browser engine used to run both the Safari and the Chrome browsers and is used on Apple and Google devices respectively. Samsung has started to advertise for developers with knowledge of WebKit and web browsers at its development centre on Silicon Valley. Which all points to the company going it alone when it comes to web browsing on Samsung handsets.

For good reason too. Many mobile phone users are happy to go with the default browser on their phone, so if Samsung slapped an in-house browser on the next Galaxy phone (for example), it could suddenly find itself in a very influential position. It could save some money in licensing too, you suspect.

More to come on this, but it just might be one of the new features on that rumoured Galaxy S IV, likely to launch in the first quarter of 2012.

Source: Cnet

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