Jelly Bean starts rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S III

Unless you are one of our Polish readers, you might not think this has much significance. But the arrival of Android Jelly Bean to the Samsung Galaxy S III in Poland means the UK update is just around the corner.

The rollout is aimed at Europe, not just Poland. But you have to start somewhere, hence why we're just talking about one country. As for the update, it's significant because it suggests the S III is the first non-Nexus Android phone to get updated to Android 4.1. Just watch those floodgates open as we approach Christmas.

Samsung has confirmed the update, adding that it will be 'gradually introduced to other markets' and that 'the availability and schedule of the software upgrade will vary by market and wireless carriers’ requirements.' Sadly, it didn't offer a precise schedule, so we're no clearer on just when the UK version will be available to download.

But as that statement indicated, there is likely to be some delay for anyone with a network contract on top of the delay in getting to the UK. As we've mentioned before, networks will always want to add their own checking procedures to any Android rollout, which always adds time. Hopefully the UK networks have the update now, which might reduce the delay somewhat.

When it does arrive, expect the new software to offer improved overall performance, updated notifications bar and the ability to access Google Now, to name just a few things. Samsung is also said to be adding its own enhancements, including changes to widgets, a 'blocking mode' for some quiet time, 'pop up play' video and a pause function for the camera - live editing if you like.

As soon as we here of it all hitting the UK, we'll certainly let you know, SIM-free and networks.

Source: TechCrunch

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