Facebook tests photo auto-uploading

It looks like Facebook is taking a leaf out of Google's book for a new feature – auto-uploading of photos.

According to reports, Facebook is working on a new feature that will automatically upload selected images you've taken to your online account for quick sharing with your online 'friends'. It's an Android-only feature initially and one that does come with safety mechanisms.

The key there is 'selected'. Although the app will automatically share, it does this only to a private 'Synced from Phone' folder until you've decided which ones you want on your timeline. So if you take a few ill-advised snaps whilst on a night out, you'll not wake up in the morning to see them splashed across the web.

If the idea sounds familiar, you would be right. It is. The way the sharing feature operates is very similar to the one Google added in an update to Google+ back in February. That feature also uploads to a private album ahead of more general sharing.

It seems that Facebook has been testing this similar feature on Android phones with a select group of users. You'll know if you are in that exclusive club if you go to your timeline on the Facebook via the Android app, go to Photos and see if there is an auto-sync button.

Whether there is a wider rollout remains to be seen. We suspect so, as it's a feature geared to drive traffic for the network.

Source: Crave

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