iOS 6 now available to download

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If you haven't downloaded iOS 6 yet for your Apple device, that's a shrewd move, either by accident or design. Because it was a bit of a nightmare last night.

As ever, the Apple community rushed to upload as soon as the update was made available by Apple. As a result, the download time was in hours - up to three hours during the peak of Wednesday evening. Try it today and you'll find that download time has come down considerably, well under the hour for a decent home broadband connection.

The odd niggle has been reported, but by and large, the updates have gone through trouble free. Just download, add a couple of passwords and you'll be done. Make sure you back up first though, in case there are any problems for your device.

Once you've done that, you'll find improvements and additions, dependent on the model you are upgrading. But by and large, the headline features are updated Siri (for some), Passbook, Do Not Disturb and a new Maps app from Apple. You can find out more about the iOS 6 features for the UK here.

One thing to note is that some models do not get the update, specifically the original iPad and any iPhone older than the 3GS. If that's you, perhaps it is time to shop around for a device upgrade.

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