GADGET WATCH: Goodspeed Mi-Fi

Travellers and internet-addicted tourists take note - a next-level portable Wi-Fi hotspot gadget aims to cut those nasty roaming costs.

The Goodspeed from Finnish company Uros is a multi-country, multi-device Wi-Fi creator that grabs a 3G connection from the country you're in and transmits it as a Wi-Fi signal that supports up to five devices.


Goodspeed Wi-Fi


It works via multiple SIM cards from each of the countries where you travel most, plus a control SIM that keeps track of it all.

When ordering the device, you also choose the individual country SIMs to be preloaded into the nine empty slots. When you go to one of these new countries, the device recognises it and automatically switches its 3G usage to the local network.

This comes at a cost of 5.90 Euros (£4.70) per day for "practically unlimited" internet - between 1GB-3GB per day in most countries - across all connected devices, charged only on the days you access the net. On top of that, there's a 9.90 Euro (£7.95) monthly fee to use the device - which covers the internet you use while in your home country.

The device itself costs £219, including any and all the SIM cards you want to buy and load into it.

With this £230 initial investment, it's obviously not pitched for anyone who thinks of holidays in terms of annual days away - rather, this is for the frequent traveller who needs to get online while abroad, whether for work or to stream those sports highlights on iPlayer.

If you're only going to use your smartphone to browse the web while abroad, you're probably still better off grabbing a travel bundle from your operator, or even just paying straight up roaming costs since the daily cost on Goodspeed is more or less the roaming cap on UK networks.

But if you're overseas regularly for work, want to stream video or download big files, or perhaps need to collaborate with colleagues online via your phone or laptop, the Goodspeed is well worth a look.

Goodspeed is available now from Amazon and supports 10 European countries including UK, Italy, and Germany, with USA, Russia and China among others to be added early next year.

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