Samsung denies early launch of Galaxy S IV

If you were hoping for an earlier than expected arrival of a new Samsung flagship phone, it looks like you'll be sorely disappointed, as the rumoured Galaxy S IV launch date of February 2013 has been officially denied.

The rumours started early this week, when the Korea Times reported a 'company official' as saying 'the new device is expected to hit shelves globally in March at the latest', referring to the follow-up to the big-selling Galaxy S III. That was presumed to be an announcement at the MWC event in Barcelona in February and a shelf date just a month later.

It seemed a bit odd, especially as the Galaxy S III launched a little later last year (May 2012), which would mean Samsung replacing a phone with less than a year on the clock. An early announcement like that might also affect sales of the current model, which is perhaps why Samsung went public with a denial.

Samsung used Twitter for its denial. We can't read Korean, but it seems like the message essentially says the rumours aren't true. But really, that's only relating to the date.

There is almost certainly a new Galaxy S in the pipeline, which is said to follow a similar design to the Galaxy S III pictured here, but with a slightly larger 5-inch screen and almost certainly a boost in power and operating system.

Not for some time though it seems, although we wouldn't be surprised to see the leaks breaking as soon as we enter 2013. Possibly even sooner.

Source: Engadget

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