Motorola Razr i launches with 2GHz Intel chip

Motorola launched the Intel-powered Razr I today, a 2GHz-packing Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone with edge-to-edge display, capable of taking 10 camera shots in a second. These are the main features, and check out our full hands-on preview for our initial thoughts.


Motorola Razr i Launch


Not called the Edge as we inferred from our enigmatic launch invite, the Razr i is a super thin smartphone with a 2GHz Intel chip and an HD screen that travels from ‘edge’ to ‘edge’ - now we get it...

The 4.3-inch display sits in a body that’s roughly the size of the iPhone 5 thanks to its aluminum frame whose rigidity allows the build to have a hyper-narrow bezel.


Motorola Razr i Launch


The screen itself sports Super AMOLED Advance tech with a “near-zero” pixel response time, given extra rigidity with Corning Gorilla Glass. Compare it to the iPhone 5, as Motorola did, and you’ll find that despite its 15% larger screen real estate, it’s “essentially the same size”.

An eight-megapxiel camera can load up in under a second, while the lens supports burst mode with 10 pictures in less than a second. Motorola claims it’s faster than most DSLRs.


Motorola Razr i Launch


Like the Razr Maxx, battery is a huge factor – as Motorola says, you can’t have performance and speed without a toll on the battery – so the Razr I packs a 2000mAh that apparently offers 40% more life than this iPhone 5 gizmo. The claimed battery life is 20 hours of mixed usage - we'll be testing this very soon.


Motorola Razr i Launch


It supports NFC for automatic device pairing as well as that mobile wallet we keep hearing about. And of course, you can use Android Beam, the instant file and link transfer you get with Ice Cream Sandwich phones.

The Razr I launches in the UK on 1 October on Orange, T-Mobile, Phones4U, and Tesco Mobile. You can get it SIM-free from Clove for £342 (including VAT). In the meantime, check out our full hands-on preview and check back soon for a full review!

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