Apple sells out of iPhone 5 launch stock online

It might have had a mixed reaction at launch, but the iPhone 5 seems to have gone down very well with the buying public, with stock on Apple's site selling out in no time at all. In the UK, it lasted around an hour - and not much longer in other countries.

We don't know sales numbers as yet, with Apple likely to give out figures after the launch events instore. But the company has made comment: 'Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have been incredible,' Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris told the AllThingsD site. 'We’ve been completely blown away by the customer response.'

As a result of those 'incredible' pre-orders, the shipping date for a SIM-free iPhone 5 has now slipped to two to three weeks for all models. So if you want one on the launch date, you will either need to go down the contract route or get in the queue outside an Apple store, which will be open from 8am this Friday to sell the Apple smartphone. No word on stock levels there, but we would hope there is enough stock to keep day one punters happy.

Another knock on effect is likely to be very little movement to negotiate a deal for a renewal in the early days of the iPhone 5. With phone quantities limited, the networks will know they can charge the full rate all day long. If you don't want it, someone else probably does.

More about the iPhone 5 here, check out our hands-on and if you want a contract deal, contract prices are here.

Source: AllThingsD

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