APP WATCH: Triggertrap for SLR cameras

The line between smartphone photography and the professional stuff blurs more everyday, with 41-megapixel phones like the Nokia 808 PureView aping DSLRs, and now Triggertrap Mobile with its Android app to link with SLR cameras for remote shutter triggering.

Aimed at casual (but enthusiastic) photographers, the app also has eight photography modes to use with your SLR, including timelapse and long exposure. Eased Timelapse lets you change the interval between each snap - for example, shortening the intervals to a set pattern for accelerating timelapse - and Bulb Ramping smooths out colours in timelapse sets of, say, sunrises and sunsets.


Triggertrap for Android


Once you download the app, your Android can be paired to a Triggertrap Mobile dongle that you connect to the SLR. It's this dongle that controls the shutter - you can then tap the app on your phone to trigger its release.


Triggertrap for Android dongle


The Android app costs £2.99, and users will need a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle (£15.80) and a matching cable (£6.30), or both in a £19 bundle. There's also an iOS version for free (including only three photography modes) or £6.99 for the full, 13-mode version.

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