iOS 6 available to download from 19 September

Good news and bad news time with iOS 6, the news varying depending on the Apple device you currently own.

The headline news is good, which is the availability of the latest Apple mobile operating system from next week (19 September). Previous experience has told us to perhaps hold off from trying to download on that day, unless of course, you love an error message or very long download times. If you can get yourself out of bed early the next morning, you'll see it literally whizz through to your smartphone or tablet.

You will need the right smartphone or tablet though, which is where the bad news comes in. Apple is offering the iOS 6 upgrade for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, along with the latest iPad, the iPad 2 and the iPod touch. So if your iPhone is older than that or if you still have the original iPad, it's the end of the update line we're afraid.

As for what you get, nothing has really changed since iOS 6 was first announced back in June. Of course, that means no YouTube if you're rocking an iPad, but it does compensate with a clutch of new features.

Those include deeper Facebook integration, a new Maps application, Apple's Passbook digital ticketing and Do Not Disturb features, enhanced Safari (although you'll need the larger screen for the full effect) and enhanced Siri, again if your device is compatible. Of course, not all features have made the swim across the pond - we've already covered what the UK will and won't see in iOS 6

The full breakdown is here if you want all the detail, Otherwise, see you in the download queue in just over a week.

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