Nokia could release new Windows 7.5 phones

When a new platform makes its debut, the old one tends to drift away. But it sounds like Nokia could be taking an interesting new approach with Windows, using Windows 7.5 as an entry-level OS, with Windows Phone 8 being the premium platform.

That's according to DigiTimes, which claims Nokia is planning new hardware for Windows Phone 7.5. That's down to the hardware requirements of Windows Phone 8, which demands a dual-core processor and NFC technology, for example, making it hard for the company to produce mid-range or indeed, entry-level phones. Dropping down to 7.5 allows Nokia more flexibility.

That rumour has gained a bit of momentum via a post on the Nokia Conversations blog, which emphasises the fact that existing Lumia owners are 'definitely not being left behind' when Windows Phone 8 launches.

Nokia says that the current Lumia range of smartphones will continue to be supported with an updated user interface, new features, apps and upgrades. It claims new updates are coming soon, including the Cinemagraph GIF-maker as well a new contact sharing app and Bluetooth file transfer functionality. Existing devices will get upgrades to the Smart Group Shot feature, and handsets in 'selected markets' will be updated with a ringtone maker app.

So updates and support are definitely the order of the day, which makes rumours of new 7.5 devices all the more credible. Watch this space.

Sources: DigiTimes and The Verge

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