APP WATCH: Standalone YouTube app for iOS launches

Today, as you are no doubt well aware, is the big Apple event and one that will almost certainly see the launch of the all-new iPhone 5. A key part of that phone is the iOS 6 operating system, which no longer comes with YouTube pre-installed.

As we mentioned some time back, YouTube has departed because the licensing deal between Google and Apple has ended. Obviously Google was never going to leave it that way, so on the eve of the Apple event, a standalone app has been revealed.

If you buy a new iPhone or upgrade to iOS 6, you'll need this if you love using YouTube. Its a free app obviously, with Google throwing in a few new tricks to sweeten the deal.

Rebuilt from the ground up by Google, the new app now features a new YouTube channel guide, which gives you access to subscribed channels with just a swipe of the finger. It also finds videos faster than the previous app, with new search tools digging up recommendations as you type, You also get the option to look through comments and related videos as you are watching a clip. Sharing is improved too, via either Google+ (inevitably), Facebook or text message in the app, as well as from Twitter or email.
The only downside is that the standalone iPad version isn't quite ready to go yet. That's just down as landing 'in the coming months'. We wouldn't be surprised to see it coincide with a new iPad or indeed, the rumoured iPad Mini. If that device doesn't launch tonight, obviously.

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