Nokia Lumia 920 4G to be Everything Everywhere exclusive

We heard some time back that 4G was coming to the UK via Everything Everywhere, with a rollout as soon as this month. Later today, the network partners of Orange and T-Mobile will be holding a briefing explaining their plans. Those plans are likely to include the Nokia Lumia 920.

That's according to the Financial Times, which is claiming that the Nokia Lumia 920 with its 4G connectivity will be the flagship phone for the big launch of 4G in the UK. As we mentioned in our hands on, 4G is a key feature in the latest Lumia, but we had partly written it off as a feature for other territories. Not so, it seems.

The story also backs up another rumour we heard back in July, which claimed that Nokia had entered secret negotiations with European operators about exclusive launches of Windows Phone 8 devices. That story was also via the FT, so someone there has the inside track at Nokia, that's for sure.

To back up this story, the Pocket-lint site has spoken to other networks in the UK, with both O2 and Vodafone saying they will not be offering the Lumia 920 initially, but 'the 4G version will be released in this country'. Seeing as Everything Everywhere is the only network to have 4G before the end of 2012, you can take that as further confirmation.

The phone is said to be launching in November, but we are likely to have more specifics after that briefing later today.

Sources: Financial Times and Pocket-lint

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