APP WATCH: Instagram could be heading to Windows Phone

It took quite a while to arrive on the Android platform after its initial launch for the iPhone. Will the Windows Phone platform be the next step for Instagram? It sounds like that could be the case.

With Facebook now in control, you would suspect that the company would like the app in as many places as possible, even if it boosts the platforms of rival tech firms like Microsoft. According to The Verge and its sources, Instagram for Windows Phone is now at least in the planning stage and is definitely coming at some point. So not imminent, but maybe landing sooner than we think.

When Nokia launched its Lumia 920 last week, the company said it was working on exclusive apps for its Lumia devices. A promotional video did show what looked like an Instagram tile, so maybe the app is already well into the development stage for Lumia phones only. Time will tell on that one.

It could also be an app being worked on by Microsoft rather than Instagram developers, as was the case for both Twitter and Facebook for Windows Phone. Either way, this is likely to be a killer app for Windows Phone and a huge selling point, especially if the app is available by the time the Lumia 920 hits the shelves, which is likely to be in November. More to come on this one. When we hear more, we'll let you know.

Source: The Verge

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