Samsung Ativ S Vs. Nokia Lumia 920

With Windows Phone 8 hovering on the horizon, we’re expecting the first two heavyweight Windows 8 smartphones – the Samsung Ativ S and Nokia Lumia 920 – to hit stores at the end of October. But which one is most worthy of your hard-earned cash if you’re tempted by Microsoft’s slick new mobile OS? Time for a punch-up!


Nokia Lumia 920



Ativ S: 8.7mm thick, 135g

Lumia 920: 10.7mm thick, 185g


‘Crack for the eyeballs’ is one expression we’d use to describe both the Samsung Ativ S and the Lumia 920, two very good-looking smartphones, but also very different in design. The Ativ S sticks with a typical slimline, rounded Samsung look, with a brushed metal finish that lends a touch of class. Meanwhile, the Lumia 920 sports a more chunky look (and is surprisingly hefty), with the same beautiful curved glass display we loved on the Lumia 800. A difficult one to call, but the heavy build of the Lumia 920 is likely to put some users off, so we’re giving the slim and light ATIV S the victory.


Samsung Ativ S


Ativ S: 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 1280 x 720 resolution

Lumia 920: 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ display, 1280 x 768 resolution


Both phones sport a high-res HD screen, with the Ativ S’ display squeezing an extra 0.3-inches compared to the Lumia 920. On paper they’re both supremely sharp, but the Lumia 920 packs more pixels-per-inch and Nokia boasted of an incredibly fast refresh rate to eliminate blurring and other visual defects (good news for action movie and sports fans). The Lumia 920’s screen has the added benefit of registering your swipes and prods even when you’re wearing gloves, a serious positive considering the typical British weather. This round goes to the LUMIA 920, for now.


Nokia Lumia 920



Ativ S: 1.5GHz dual-core

Lumia 920: 1.5GHz dual-core


Both smartphones rock a dual-core processor, which should prove more than powerful enough for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS. We anticipate no stuttering or slowdown when messing around with apps and playing games. DRAW.


Samsung Ativ S



Ativ S: 8-megapixel with LED flash

Lumia 920: 8.7-megapixel PureView with LED flash


The Ativ S packs a powerful eight-megapixel camera, which is just as feature-packed as its Galaxy S III counterpart. Auto-focus and an LED flash help to keep your shots sharp and well-lit, but Nokia’s Lumia 920 truly pushes the boundaries of what smartphone cameras can do with its impressive image stabilisation technology. This counters any minute movements of your hand to prevent blur, especially important for low light shots where the lens is open for longer. The Lumia 920 is also better for low light shots thanks to its lens technology, which lets in five to 10 times more light than rival mobiles (stats straight from Nokia). Add in some cool original features, such as the ability to create spooky GIFs from your photos, and the LUMIA 920 is a clear winner.


Nokia Lumia 920


Extra features

Ativ S: NFC (Tap + Send), 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera

Lumia 920: Wireless charging, NFC, front-facing camera


Samsung’s Ativ S and Nokia’s Lumia 920 both have built-in NFC and front-facing cameras for Skype chats, but the Lumia 920 gets major kudos for featuring wireless charging: simply slap your Lumia down on the ‘Fatboy’ charging pad (no joke) and it sucks up power using ancient sorcery. Another LUMIA 920 victory.


Samsung Ativ S


Ativ S: 16/32GB plus microSD expansion

Lumia 920: 32GB, no expansion slot, SkyDrive online storage (7GB free)


Nokia’s online SkyDrive storage is a neat touch, and one way of keeping a backup of your photos and other important media, but the lack of a microSD expansion slot means you’re stuck with the built-in 32GB of space. Of course, this will no doubt prove more than enough for the majority of users, but app and music fans – plus those who take tons of photos – will likely run out of room before too long. A second win for the ATIV S


Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Ativ S


The verdict

Nokia Lumia 920    5 – 4      Samsung Ativ S

A narrow victory for the Lumia 920, thanks to its impressive camera and wireless charging feature. We’ll bring you full reviews of both phones in the coming month!

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