Samsung Galaxy S III on Orange launches with contactless payments

NFC tech is starting to get off the ground and the latest move from Orange and Barclaycard, which last year launched the UK's first contactless payment system, should give it yet another boot. 

The operator and its banking partner have jointly launched the ever-popular Samsung Galaxy S III with the Quick Tap NFC payment app.

Whether you're joining Orange or an existing customer, you'll be able to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S III that's compatible with the Quick Tap app. You can then load money onto your phone with any UK Mastercard or Visa (debit or credit), and use the Galaxy S III to 'tap and pay' up to £20 at a time at one of the UK's 100,000 Quick Tap-friendly stores, including high street chains like M&S, McDonald's and Subway, as well as complexes such as Wembley Arena.

We recently tested out the Galaxy S III with Visa's PayWave NFC app, which works at a similar selection of retailers, so is there any advantage to jumping on-board Quick Tap? Well, customers who get the Galaxy S III on Orange between now and 5 October will also get £50 loaded onto their QuickTap account.

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